Does Windshield Quality Matter?

Published on
November 1, 2023

Does Windshield Quality Matter?

The Importance of Your Vehicle’s Windshield 

Your windshield glass is a critical component of your vehicle’s safety. It protects you and your passengers from all the unexpected and unavoidable objects that may fly into your car.  

Choosing the Right Glass

When replacing your windshield, it is essential to ensure only the highest quality glass is used in your car. But what exactly are you looking for? The answer is glass that meets or exceeds OEM standards. 

Understanding OEM Glass

You may now be wondering what OEM glass is. OEM stands for original equipment manager and is the same glass that is installed in your vehicle at the factory. It is manufactured to the highest quality and designed to work perfectly with your vehicle. 

Advantages of Using OEM Glass

Safety is not the only reason you want your car equipped with OEM glass, other benefits include:

Durability: OEM glass is less likely to chip, crack, or be scratched. 

Visibility: OEM glass is manufactured with a very smooth service, limiting the amount of scattered light, which is known to cause glare and reduce visibility. 

Comfort: OEM glass is designed to reduce wind noise and road noise, allowing for a more comfortable driving experience. 

OEM Equivalent Glass 

There is one other option outside of traditional OEM glass. The alternative I'm referring to is OEM equivalent glass. This will not be some off brand or low quality glass. OEM equivalent glass is simply the same exact windshields that the car companies use in their factory. The only difference is that there is no car logo displayed on the glass. What we do is go straight to the glass manufacturers and retrieve the required windshield for your vehicle. 

Examples of OEM Equivalent 

Some of the notable companies we purchase glass from are Pilkington and Fuyao. Those companies may not ring a bell but the car brands they supply glass to will. They cover cars from BMW, GM, Ford, Mercedes, Audi, Honda, Jaguar, VW, Toyota, and Bentley. 

Risks of Low Quality Glass

Not all glass is created equal. After OEM and OEM equivalent glass, there is a cheaper option but you get what you pay for. You never want low quality glass installed in your car. It has a much higher chance of chipping, cracking, scratching, and shattering which can cause major injury. It is known to obscure vision and create blind spots. 

Prioritize Safety

At ProView Auto Glass we always make sure your vehicle has the best glass possible to keep you safe on the road. There’s nothing more important than the safety of you and your loved ones, having the right windshield is a no brainer. Whenever it’s time to replace your autoglass, play it safe and ask if it's OEM or OEM equivalent.